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Dieses Thema im Forum "Allgemeines" wurde erstellt von sallygonzale, 30. November 2017.

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    30. November 2017
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    With this technique, the LOGI method is aimed by and large at obese those who want to reduce their weight slowly and in a controlled manner, without destroying their efforts on the give up of the yo-yo effect. The LOGI technique and the glycemic index The name of the LOGI method is derived from the abbreviation of the English time period "low glycemic and insulinemic". This describes the precept of this food regimen, which guarantees the least feasible boom in blood sugar and insulin levels after ingestion. The glycemic index (Glyx for brief) is a fee that indicates the growth in blood sugar levels of carbohydrate-containing meals. The better the glyx cost of a meals, the faster and higher the blood sugar degree rises after ingesting. This in turn reasons a robust launch of insulin , an endogenous hormone that lowers the blood Awaken S7 sugar degree again. It stimulates muscle or fat cells to absorb and store the glucose from the blood. It is thought that this is only a few hours after ingestion too low glucose inside the blood and a so-called hypoglycemia arises. In this example, the ones affected sense cravings for meals that quick enhance the blood sugar degree once more. This creates a cycle that promotes fast weight benefit and ultimately the onset of obesity. The restrict to meals with a low glycemic index is stated to inhibit the sharp upward push and fall in blood sugar levels and the related food cravings. In the LOGI method, this is accomplished via a low-carbohydrate eating regimen, which need to saturate in the long term and enhance fats burning . The LOGI pyramid Since the LOGI technique is not a weight loss program however a permanent nutritional trade, you do no longer need to do with out anything. However, you need to consume sugar and starchy foods only sparsely , even as fruits and veggies and protein-containing products shape the nutritional base. For a higher know-how of the nutritionist Dr. Nicolai Worm, the founder of the LOGI method, developed a 4-tier food pyramid.


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