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Dieses Thema im Forum "News zu Unturned" wurde erstellt von Unturned Updates, 15. September 2017.

  1. Unturned Updates

    Unturned Updates Robot Bot

    Registriert seit:
    31. Januar 2017
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Update Notes:

    • Added Compass and option to always display compass. [ID 1508]
    • Added multiple stages to arena compactor.
    • Added airdrops to arena maps containing every item.
    • Added arena options, max group size and ability to disable static groups.
    • Added max vehicles and animals options.
    • Added September 2017 Workshop Crate #4.
    • Added grenade and tracer examples.
    • Improved map screen to refresh without reopening.
    • Fixed cosmetics toggle resetting at arena start.
    • Fixed missing workshop folder.
    • Fixed shadows on transparent text.
    Life Progress:

    The transition to Toronto went well! It's been exciting moving out for the first time and a lot more work than I expected. Mostly everything's settled now aside from some cleaning to do and furniture to get. Thank you for your patience this past month while I was away from the job! I'm hyped to resume work. :)


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