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Dieses Thema im Forum "News zu Unturned" wurde erstellt von Unturned Updates, 10. Februar 2017.

  1. Unturned Updates

    Unturned Updates Robot Bot

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    31. Januar 2017
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    Edit: Temporarily rolled back, something seems to have gotten corrupted somewhere leading to the weird textures/meshes in the release version.

    Screenshot Contest:

    Are you a survivor with an eye for photography? You're in luck - this week we're running a contest to update Unturned's loading screens! If your screenshot is selected it will be used in the background art and you'll win a special in-game item!

    • Game running at 1920x1080 resolution
    • Disable HUD - press the home key by default
    • Turn up graphics to ultra for the screenshot
    • Use the screenshot key for 2x resolution - press the insert key by default. The output image will be saved as "Screenshot.png" in your Unturned folder
    Send your entry to contest@smartlydressedgames.com with links to your screenshot(s) and your Steam profile (needed to grant award)!

    Update Notes:

    • Added keybind to take a 2x resolution screenshot. [Default Insert]
    • Added swimming trunks to beach spawns.
    • Added credits screen to main pause menu.
    • Added animated lava object.
    • Improved map object RAM usage at the cost of longer loading times.
    • Tweaked vehicles with inconsistent numbers of physical and visual wheels to have invincible tires temporarily.
    • Fixed a foliage related performance regression.
    • Fixed equipping newly dropped/exchanged items.
    • Fixed non-physical tires appearing dead on client.
    • Fixed unable to use batteries/tires while in safezone.
    • Fixed potential incorrect "not playing on this server" kick.
    • Fixed equipped gear icon showing on display items.
    • Fixed a contradiction in the Russia Mystery Box description.
    • Fixed trees with mismatched client/server collision.
    Object Changes:

    Previously all map objects were pre-loaded at startup, whereas now they are only loaded when the map uses them. This reduces the amount of RAM required for unused objects, but increases level load times. For players with tons of workshop objects/maps installed this will hopefully help - although it requires using the new object format which isn't super modder friendly yet however I'll take care of that soon.

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