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Unturned.de - Deine deutsche Unturned Community!

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Greece Patch Notes:

  • Added 3 more beach locations with boat spawns.
  • Added airdrop nodes.
  • Added animal spawns.
  • Added the lighthouse to the map.
  • Added new doors to the faction bases.
  • Changed all item IDs from 30## to 35##.
  • Fixed Navigation for zombies on Tent #1.
  • Fixed invisible faces on Bank roof.
  • Fixed various Tree stumps.
  • Fixed Olive trees to work properly.
  • Fixed Racing fence.
  • Fixed railing issues on store/appartments.
  • Fixed lighthouse light.
  • Fixed zombie navigation on Greece Ramp.
  • Fixed all flags.
  • Fixed Lancer taking Lockdown Ammunition.
  • Fixed Backlash missing Attach_Stop.
  • Fixed missing spawntables.
  • Fixed Police Station Window Frame.
  • Fixed Military Faction Base LODs.
  • Fixed some various NPC issues.
  • Fixed terrain hole volumes.
  • Fixed missing safezone nodes.
  • Fixed various locations players could get stuck....
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Welcome to Greece:

It's a holiday miracle: a brand new large survival map set in Greece from the team that brought you Hawaii!

Now available to play in-game, Greece is launching with a completely different architectural style to any of the other maps and NPCs right out the gate! This is only the beginning as well - you can expect an expandalone arena map set on the nearby isle of Cyprus and the full NPC questlines coming in January!

If you'd like to support the team behind this map and get your hands on some stylish Greek cosmetics check out the: Greece Mystery Box on the Stockpile

As with every Unturned project your feedback is much appreciated and critical to its direction, so please be vocal with your thoughts, suggestions and ideas! You can e-mail the team directly at modz2much@smartlydressedgames.com or post on the Greece-specific Steam subforum, but chances are they'll see it no...
by Unturned Updates at 18:48
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Holiday Update:

Winter is coming to Germany! Festive Germany is now available featuring the Coalition's decorations prior to their downfall and blizzards to spice things up. You can also dress up for the holiday season with several curated cosmetics now available on the Stockpile, and the Holiday Gift Present now dropping with a special new skin.

Update Notes:

  • Added Festive Mystery Gift Present to drops and included Santa's Sleigh skin.
  • Added Festive Germany map.
  • Added several community-created festive cosmetics to the Stockpile.
  • Added Compare_Flags and Time_Of_Day NPC condition types.
  • Improved Dashboard key to count as a text field escape character so when searching in the craft menu bar you can double-press (default Tab) to quickly return to game.
  • Updated to Unity 5.5.5p2.
  • Tweaked NPC assets to log a few more useful errors.
  • ...
by Unturned Updates at 21:03
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Bunker Arena Timed Curated Map:

Danaby, the creator of several popular arena maps on the workshop, has just released his latest creation: Bunker Arena! It's now available in the official pool of arena maps so hop on a server and battle to the death! If you'd like to support Danaby in his creation of future maps you can check out the Bunker Arena Bundle on the Stockpile - get it quick, those items are available for a limited time only.

Update Notes:

  • Accepted Bunker Arena by Danaby as a timed curated arena map.
  • Added Max_Packets_Per_Second server config option which kicks spamming players. The default value is very generous, so it can be worth experimenting with what works for your network.
  • Improved server to rate limit several more potentially spamable actions.
  • Improved admin buildable editor to hide rotation compression.
  • Tweaked vehicle to show Blocked messsage when unable...
by Unturned Updates at 17:18
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You can now find blimps anchored at Kent Raceway in Washington ready to spectate the race!

They're the first air vehicle in the game that remains at their set cruising altitude without a pilot. You exit the blimp on top which makes it easier to build on.

Update Notes:

  • Added Blimp. [ID 189]
  • Added rest, prone, crouch and under_arrest poses for NPCs.
  • Tweaked snowstorms in the Yukon to be 10x more frequent.
  • Tweaked trains to allow placing bedrolls and sentry guns.
  • Fixed server to rate-limit skills related requests.
Development Progress:

Admittedly this patch is pretty small - most of my focus has been on 4.x this week, however there are some fairly big exciting updates to 3.x planned for December and January coming up! Since I've been working on boring stuff e.g. controller support, AI, menus, custom editors, etc the next devlog will likely be someday the week after...