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Unturned.de - Deine deutsche Unturned Community!

by sycube at 21:13
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Hallo zusammen,

ich möchte unseren neuen Projektleiter begrüßen: nekrofile.

In Zukunft werden wir einige Veränderungen am Server bzw. bald auch an den Servern sowie am Forum vornehmen.
Wir hoffen, dass wir wieder eine Community aufbauen können, so wie damals.


by Unturned Updates at 18:22
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Update Notes:

  • Added ability to ignore blueprints to avoid accidentally crafting them. Ignored blueprints are hidden when 'hide uncraftable blueprints' is enabled.
  • Added 'allowed IPs' field to workshop submission tool which enables server networks to have workshop items restricted to download only on their servers when using the WorkshopDownloadIDs.json feature.
  • Tweaked harvesting plants to be cancellable by plugins with onHarvestPlantRequested.
  • Tweaked beds to only be placeable with a line of sight to center of torso.
  • Tweaked Snayperskya range up to 250 meters.
  • Tweaked ranges of all shotguns longer.
  • Tweaked PDW to have increased bullet drop.
  • [Hawaii]Tweaked boulders to use the same shader as used in other maps.
  • Fixed to clamp user interface scale into [0.5, 2] during startup.
  • Fixed melee weapon taking durability damage from misses.
  • Fixed potential issue with...
by Unturned Updates at 22:55
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Update Notes:

  • Added support for NPCs to sell vehicles by specifying _Type Vehicle and a _Spawnpoint in vendor asset.
  • Added support for animals to predictably spawn in arena mode.
  • Added Spawn_With_Max_Skills and Spawn_With_Stamina_Skills config options.
  • Added onApplyingDefaultSkills event to PlayerSkills for plugins.
  • Improved WorkshopDownloadIDs.json to properly support auto-updating maps.
  • Improved curse word list to be localizable.
  • Tweaked vendor buying/selling list sorting to be disablable with Disable_Sorting flag.
  • Tweaked area and group messages to include [A] and [G] tags.
  • Tweaked talk-to prompt to show NPC name.
  • Fixed shadows on rich text labels that used capitals in color tags.
  • Fixed a small gap in the trim of House #09.
  • Fixed potential issue when sending chat messages from plugins.
  • Fixed work jeans item...
by Unturned Updates at 18:15
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Greece Update 3 of 3:

Spyjack, well known for his incredible use of NPC features in his "Tales of Terror" mod, has been hard at work since the initial launch of Greece on this huge NPC update!

Now available in-game these are some of the highest quality quests yet - from critical thinking puzzles (that still challenge him from time to time), to multi-stage construction, to some questlines with many alternative endings.




You can now make use of the rally racing tracks across Greece! Two Rally Car vehicle skins are now up on the Stockpile for purchase, the sales of which support the creators...
by Unturned Updates at 17:05
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Ireland Timed Curated Map:

Storm_Epidemic, Th3o, Diesel_Sisel and Misterl212 - creators of a ton of popular workshop content such as The Driftless are excited to unveil their latest project: Ireland!

Now available to play in-game officially for its debut, Ireland is very visually impressive with lots of new content and NPC questlines to explore. It will be featured until May 28th before becoming available on the workshop, though this may be extended pending your feedback!


If you'd like to support the Ireland team consider checking out the Ireland map bundle on the Stockpile here!

Update Notes:

  • Added Ireland Timed Curated Map.
  • Added Spawn_Quantity option for zombie kills conditions.
  • Improved sentries...