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Dieses Thema im Forum "Allgemeines" wurde erstellt von josephmarie, 19. November 2017.

  1. josephmarie

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    19. November 2017
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    So you continue to move in the change. In the Summfit video you can see how it works. Further planking variants In the Summfit app you will find many other planking variants - lighter and more difficult. The app registers your progress in training and shows you which muscle groups you are currently training. Training leads to an adaptive response of the body to the stresses that make up the training. In our case, stress is strength training and muscle building is one of the adaptive responses. Beginners in weight training have the advantage that they are poorly adapted to the training load. Why is that an advantage? Because even relatively low Xaxtus TBoost loads lead to an adaptation reaction, that is, to muscle growth ( "beginner gains" ). That's why beginners are encouraged to go for a full-body workout : one exercise per muscle group is enough to set growth stimuli. So you can challenge the whole body during a training session. And because the training stimuli are objectively weak, the muscles can easily regenerate within a few days. For the advanced or the professional , things are different: they have to challenge the muscle much more to make it grow. Most of the time, this involves completing several exercises per muscle group, which costs time and energy. As a result, not all exercises for all muscle groups can be sensibly accommodated in a single workout. In addition, the increasing regeneration time : If someone first has to do squats with 150 kg and then two isolation exercises to move his leg muscles still to growth, the body must first put away - even if the legs are then obviously so strong that they need this hard workout.


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