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Unturned.de - Deine deutsche Unturned Community!

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Workshop Crate #1:

The first community-created mystery box is now dropping as the January 2017 Workshop Crate #1! All of the contents were voted on in the curated workshop, and are the first time you can get mythical variants of workshop items!

To open a workshop crate you will need the associated workshop key available from the stockpile. This is because the sales of the special key are split with the creators of the items in the crate. Future non-workshop mystery boxes will continue to use the normal mystery box key, however.

Translation Editor:

For anyone who worked with the old localization features this should hopefully be a huge upgrade. From the devkit you can now open the new translation editor which automatically handles several annoying tasks from before:
  • Misses list shows all translation references that failed to find their text, and gives you the option to add the missing text.
  • Delta list displays every english token that either doesn't exist in your...
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Update Notes:

  • Added Scalar to airdrops. [IDs 1447-1449]
  • Added vehicle perspective option which limits third person to vehicles only.
  • Improved singleplayer menu to categorize map types. [Hawaii and other upcoming community-created updates will belong to the Curated category.]
  • Cleaned up after festive event.
  • Fixed precision building mode sometimes getting scrambled when moving large numbers of objects between tiles.
  • Fixed to remove grass under bases again. [Forgot to add this feature to the new system last week!]
  • Fixed to pad character buildable obstruction bounds slightly.
  • Fixed sticky grenade getting stuck midair immediately after throw.
  • Fixed new foliage wind off on low setting.
  • Fixed unable to toggle lasers/lights in safezone.
  • Fixed new candycane skins' descriptions.
  • Bullet-proofed many custom...
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Steam Awards 2016:

Unturned has been nominated for the "I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award" award alongside Starbound, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Stardew Valley and Paladins!

If you would like to cast your vote here's a link to the page on Steam:

Vote Here

Huge thanks to everyone who voted for Unturned in the nominations and this final round, I never imagined Unturned would be in the running for an award so this is absolutely mind blowing! Regardless of whether or not we win the award, I'm very humbled by all your awesome support and proud to see Unturned in the company of these other amazing games!

Update Notes:

  • Upgraded all official maps to use the new landscape and foliage features.
  • Added wizard to help convert existing terrain to the new systems.
  • Added miscellaneous features required for the upgrade to the foliage editors and devkit.
  • Added...
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Festive Update:

Russia has frozen over for the winter! It's cold enough that a swim is an easy way to freeze yourself, but on land you should be fine - aside from the restricted visibility! The Festive Gift Present is also dropping again with some new skins and elf outfit, although at a 50% chance rather than the usual 100% because the event is longer than previously. A few curated workshop items were accepted this week, but there will be another wave next week so get yours in as soon as possible if you're working on a holiday themed item!

Update Notes:

  • Added Festive Russia map.
  • Added Festive Gift Present to drops with some new items inside.
  • Added 10x higher detail versions of every tree model and option to enable them.
  • Added graphics option for wind quality, low being the old windy foliage option.
  • Added rewritten higher performance/quality grass/foliage system, more info below.
  • Accepted a few festive themed curated workshop...
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Update Notes:

  • Added rewritten/upgraded landscape system, new tools and holes support.
  • Added Devtest4 map.
  • Added basic type browser/content browser.
  • Added terrain quality graphics option.
  • Improved snow and ice to glitter in the sunlight and added option to disable.
  • Improved landscape and nature objects to use triplanar mapping and added option to disable.
  • Improved rain puddles not to form under main sea level.
  • Tweaked snowflake particle lighting to be more visible.
  • Tweaked traps not to count as PvP deaths.
  • Fixed server incorrectly rejecting bayonet hits.
  • Fixed to prevent specular highlights on foliage and terrain aside from rain.
  • Fixed standing inside door while closing to use it as an elevator.
  • Fixed new item format not loading name, fixed crafting search on items without names.
  • Fixed (re-exported)...