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Unturned.de - Deine deutsche Unturned Community!

by Unturned Updates at 04:06
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Update Notes:

  • Added stereo. [ID 1466]
  • Added playtime drop skins for all melee weapons.
  • Added option to disable featured workshop item section.
  • Added moon buggy. [ID 139]
  • Added Use_Legacy_Fog_Height and Use_Legacy_Oxygen_Height to level config.
  • Transplanted PEI and surrounding waters to another planet for a change of scenery.
  • Tweaked more food items to cause hallucinations in line with their real life counterparts.
  • Fixed devkit browsers to reset scrollbar when refreshed.
  • Fixed naming of skin creator secondary folders.
  • Fixed several objects showing up black.
  • Fixed coastguard window collision.

For the moment only Unturned's theme song is available officially, but adding custom music is relatively straightforward. Export audioclips from Unity into an assetbundle ending with .content. Then create a stereo song...
by Unturned Updates at 20:23
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Update Notes:

  • Added popular workshop item display to main menu news.
  • Added ability to spawn level objects from the asset browser and modify them in the devkit.
  • Added object upgrade wizard to convert old objects to work in the devkit and Use_Legacy_Objects option.
  • Added new upgraded visibility groups options to devkit.
  • Improved skin acceptor tool.
  • Improved images in news to expand/contract when clicked.
  • Improved RAM usage.
  • Updated BattlEye.
  • Fixed timing related duplication bug with a few item types.
  • Fixed getting stuck in corner of windmill.
  • Fixed closing doors into vehicles.
  • Fixed incorrectly formatted secondary skin outputs.
Featured Workshop Slot:

The main menu now automatically features an announcement post about one of the top three workshop items from the past month. The goal here is to help give traffic...
by Unturned Updates at 03:01
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Skin Tools:

You can now open a level in the devkit and use the Skin Creator Wizard under Windows -> Wizards to create and preview skins in-game.

Once your skin is looking good you can output it to a folder and upload it with the new UGC Upload Wizard to the Curated Workshop. Skins created with this tool will get the "Verified" label and be prioritized for acceptance into the game because I've also added the Skin Acceptor Wizard which is able to import them very quickly.

Update Notes:

  • Added skin creator wizard to devkit.
  • Added skin acceptor wizard to devkit.
  • Added picket sign to Extras/Bundles/Items/Barricades folder.
  • Tweaked to prevent viewing chart/GPS while blindfolded.
  • Tweaked blindfolds to show over cosmetic glasses.
  • Tweaked several Hawaii spawns/loot balance slightly.
  • Fixed vehicles stuttering while falling on server.
  • Fixed missing lobby in PEI/Washington...
by Unturned Updates at 02:37
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Update Notes:

  • Added blindfold. [ID 1464]
  • Added a few more caves to Hawaii and large cavern.
  • Added workshop upload wizard to devkit.
  • Added automatic serverside workshop downloads.
  • Added more foliage details to Hawaii.
  • Added maple and pine beams to Hawaii.
  • Added coastguard mega zombie.
  • Tweaked coastguard spawns.
  • Fixed potential problem causing rockets to explode early.
  • Fixed no lighting mode to work more nicely with water.
  • Fixed not broadcasting player position while rubberbanding.
  • Fixed industrial pipe grate serverside collision.
  • Fixed hospital fortification slots.
  • Fixed airlock serverside collision.
  • Fixed fences serverside collision.
  • Fixed Hawaii waterpark duplicate water.
Workshop Changes:

Under Windows > Wizards in the devkit you can use the UGC upload wizard to publish your content to the Steam workshop. It's very similar to...
by Nico at 06:12
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Hallo werte Community,

hiermit kündige ich die Partnerschaft mit der großen Online-Community "Der Stammtisch" an.
Egal, was für ein Spiel du spielst, egal, welches Spiele-Genre du magst, hier im Stammtisch kannst du
Mitspieler aus allen Bereichen treffen und dich mit ihnen unterhalten.

  • 1.700 Mitglieder im Discord Server
  • 24.000 Mitglieder aller Partner zusammen
  • 1.400 Mitglieder der Steam-Gruppe
  • YouTuber (zb. Sir Graf)
  • Streamer (zb. SchlachStock)
  • Communitys (zb. Unturned.de)
Als Ansprechpartner für den Stammtisch hier im Forum ist dessen Gründer Lukas
Wenn du jetzt Lust bekommen hast, ein Teil der gemeinsamen Community "Der Stammtisch" zu werden, besuche doch

Die Offizielle Website oder Den OffiziellenDiscord server.

Wir sehen uns!