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by Unturned Updates at 22:31
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Patch Notes:

  • Added several minor Hawaii ranger/military/coastguard locations.
  • Added an underwater facility to the deadzone.
  • Fixed visibility groups affecting volumes on server.
  • Fixed possible object loading mismatch problem.
  • Fixed placing buildables as passenger.
  • Fixed potential problem when vehicles load inside lava.
  • Fixed looking around with infinite sensitivity.
  • Fixed missing space in haiku stairs name.
  • Fixed two stuck spots in cave under farm.
  • Fixed war boat serverside crash.
  • Fixed some colliders on the seaplane.
  • Fixed Hawaii ladder behaviour on servers.
  • Fixed incorrectly rotated Hawaii hospital slots.
  • Fixed Hawaii fences to be destructible.
  • Fixed collision on HawaiiPlatform_Cap.
  • Fixed ladder height on all towers.
  • Fixed shed placement at the track.
  • Fixed all garden fence heights.
  • Fixed vehicle spawn above the facility.
  • Fixed vehicle spawns to use...
by Unturned Updates at 04:40
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Update Notes:

  • Added hang gliders.
  • Added war boat, skipper and scrounger vehicles.
  • Added deadzone to Hawaii.
  • Added option to preferences to disable bloom lens dirt.
  • Improved volcano area on Hawaii.
  • Improved to log asset capitalization differences to errors.
  • Tweaked hovercraft skirt, turn radius.
  • Tweaked seaplane bumper size.
  • Fixed placing storage on drowned vehicles about to despawn.
  • Fixed to properly cleanup buildables on vehicle when despawned.
  • Fixed chart baking and updated Hawaii chart.
  • Fixed closing editor pause menu.
  • Fixed possible bug with devkit dropdowns.
  • Fixed saving kill volume configuration.
  • Fixed naming of several Hawaii objects breaking Linux servers.
  • Fixed placing barricades on a few vehicles.
  • Fixed seaplane tail colliders and removed halos.
  • Fixed coaster seats 3 and 4 to face...
by Nico at 14:15
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Aloha vom sonnigen Hawaii!

In diesem Post veröffentliche ich eine Umfrage, ob wir die neue Hawaii Map auf den Unturned-Server installieren sollen oder nicht!
Schreib uns deine Meinung als Kommentar unter dieses Thema! Und nicht vergessen: Abstimmen!
by Unturned Updates at 10:51
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Hawaii Map:

Hawaii is Unturned's first Curated map and now available in-game!
It's been built from the ground up by the following community workshop creators:

Justin "Gamez2much" Morton
Terran "Spyjack" Orion
Alex "Rainz2much" Stoyanov
Amanda "Mooki2much" Hubler

If you are enjoying the map and would like to support them consider checking out the new Hawaii Mystery Box!

View Hawaii Map Mystery Box

We're trying something a bit different - this past week I've been involved cleaning up and fixing the map, but the continued development remains in their hands (although I will still help with fixes, making sure it fits the artstyle, etc) and they'll be able to upload updates to the map. You can submit your feedback/bug reports to them through the feedback link in the map selection menu.

Screenshot Contest:

Thanks for all your submissions - the response was overwhelming! I scanned through a couple thousand...
by Nico at 15:22
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Nekrofile, ist offiziell der neue Moderator des unturned.de Forums.
Herzlichen Glückwunsch.
Die Moderator Wahl...

...lief leider nicht so, wie erhofft. Uns erreichten gerade einmal 2 Bewerbungen. Ja, richtig. 2 Bewerbungen :( Da wir uns im Team darauf geeinigt haben, dass wir die besagte Umfrage bei min. 3 Bewerbungen starten, haben wir allein den neuen Moderator gewählt.

Du kannst Nekro ab sofort bei folgenden Anliegen anschreiben/um Hilfe bitten:
  • Wenn ein Spieler sich gegenüber dir oder anderen Spielern unangemessen verhält.
  • Wenn du einen Regelverstoß bemerkst.
  • Wenn du Fragen zum Server oder zum Forum hast.
Wenn du auch Moderator werden willst, kannst du natürlich weiterhin jederzeit eine Bewerbung schreiben.
Weiterhin viel Spaß auf unturned.de!