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Yes - you can finally drive the tanks found around PEI and Washington! On PEI you can find a tank at Federation Bridge, or at the destroyed tunnels on Washington. If you manage to loot some tank shells you can use the tank's turret, but keep an eye out, as you're very exposed in the gunner's seat! Tank missiles are similar to rockets, but travel faster and drop less. The new turret system is also very generic for modders, so features like rear-facing guns on a biplane or missiles on an attack helicopter are possible.

Update Notes:

  • Added Tanks. [IDs 120-121]
  • Added Missile. [ID 1302]
  • Added Book/Note. [IDs 1327-1328]
  • Added Hatch. [IDs 1329-1332]
  • Added option for inbound voice volume gain.
  • Added icon when other player is talking.
  • Improved cloth buildables to be colorable with flares.
  • Improved shadow draw distance to make objects pop more, but character is wider.
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Update Notes:

  • Added Gasmask. [ID 1270]
  • Added Radiation Filter. [ID 1271]
  • Added wall-mounted Flares. [IDs 1272-1277]
  • Added Wardrobes. [IDs 1278-1281]
  • Added Umbrella. [ID 1282]
  • Added Cooler. [ID 1283]
  • Added Tables. [IDs 1284-1295]
  • Added Beach Chair. [ID 1296]
  • Added Weak, Bulletproof and Oneway Glass. [IDs 1297-1299]
  • Added streamer mode option.
  • Added example structure to sources.
  • Accepted 12 new Curated Workshop items.
  • Improved character movement to slide down steep surfaces.
  • Improved profanity filter option to work with signs and notes.
  • Tweaked custom objects with a non-one scale to show error, but ignore scale tool.
  • Tweaked arrow weapon ranges higher now that ballistics make them harder to use.
  • Tweaked amount of scope sway slightly lower.
  • Tweaked Matamorez player damage back up.
  • Tweaked footsteps in...
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Scope sway, bullet drop and bullet travel time have been added! You can steady your scope by holding your sprint key. Dedicated snipers now have slightly longer range with a faster muzzle velocity than all other weapons, and their stats have been adjusted to prevent quickscoping while allowing you to track the bullet through the air to adjust for drop.

Suppressors slightly decrease muzzle velocity causing a bit more bullet drop, but even more so with internally suppressed weapons. By default all guns will use the default ballistic values with Ballistic_Travel set to 10.0, Ballistic_Steps as Range / 10.0 rounded up and a Ballistic_Drop of 0.002.



Zombies in deadzones now explode in a radioactive mess when killed! This means you need range on these zombies, so melee combat isn't an option. The intention is that any future...
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You can now defend your base while offline! The sentry turret will keep a watchful eye out as long as it receives power and ammunition, and if it spots a hostile player or zombie it will begin peppering them with gunfire. It will not shoot people in your group or handcuffed survivors, and will suspiciously track enemies with their hands up.

Similarly to the weapon rack you can mount a firearm in the turret's clamp to arm it. This means the turret is more effective with better weaponry, and makes the light machine guns more useful. Keep in mind that the turret cannot reload on its own, so it can be a good idea to routinely check up on your defenses and refill ammo when necessary.

The sentry does have its drawbacks however: it has a lower firerate and accuracy than a human survivor, and will only scan a short area in its field of view allowing bandits to sneak up behind it. Likely the game balance will still need some adjustments, for example being able to place it on...
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  • Added Remote Detonator. [ID 1240]
  • Added Breaching Charge. [ID 1241]
  • Added Makeshift Grenade. [ID 1242]
  • Added Hide_Admins command.
  • Improved hitmarkers to show where exactly the shots landed.
  • Improved several destructible objects break effects.
  • Improved tree meshes and foliage shading.
  • Improved non-grass foliage to also blow in the wind.
  • Improved player/vehicle/animal snapshots to use less bandwidth.
  • Improved vector3 compression accuracy in large multiplayer maps.
  • Tweaked explosive crafting recipes and damage.
  • Tweaked bow damages in line with the sharpshooter rifles.
  • Tweaked density of berry bushes lower on PEI.
  • Tweaked berries [again] to all be more useful.
  • Tweaked C4 name/appearance to sticky grenade.
  • Tweaked explosives name to raw explosives.
  • Tweaked hay explosion to be more visible.