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Update Notes:

  • Added acid spitter zombie.
  • Added supply airdrops.
  • Added ability to repair bases with blowtorch.
  • Added Friendly/Hostile Sentry. [IDs 1372-1373]
  • Improved fuel to store liters rather than refills.
  • Improved vehicle info to show health.
  • Tweaked bullets to travel instantly in easy mode.
  • Tweaked dirty water infection higher again now that it can be purified.
  • Tweaked Flanker zombie to be slightly more challenging.
  • Fixed chest hits to combine shirt/vest armor.
  • Fixed plane/heli exploding when reaching skybox.
  • Fixed jumping twice in the same tick.
  • Fixed generator fuel update reliability.
  • Fixed background noise in wood timber sound.
  • Fixed stuck blowtorch particles when swapping perspective.
  • Fixed burner and street light LoD.
  • Fixed airport spawning festive pants.
  • Fixed parkour...
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New Zombies:

The zombies have got some new abilities! Keep an eye out for the Flanker zombies which can stealthily attack you from behind, and the Burner zombies which explode in a burst of flames spreading to other zombies. The Mega zombie has also realized he's strong enough to tear concrete right out of the ground for use as a projectile - so you're no longer safe just out of reach! Mind you this is only the beginning...

Update Notes:

  • Added purple "Flanker" zombie.
  • Added orange "Burner" zombie.
  • Added ability for mega zombies to throw boulders.
  • Added muscular body mesh for mega zombies.
  • Added ability to purify dirty water in canteens with tablets.
  • Added pilot outfit. [IDs 1358-1359]
  • Added "Whitelisted" command to enable whitelist.
  • Added Preferences.json file with viewmodel fov/offset options.
  • Improved queue to prioritize whitelisted players.
  • Improved appearance of...
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Today marks 2 years since Unturned launched on Steam! To celebrate this anyone who plays will get dropped the Anniversary Gift Bag which contains a bunch of party hats and a new mythical.

It's been a lot of fun working on the game this whole time. I hope you've enjoyed playing it! Thank you for all your support, and I'm looking forward to more awesome updates! :)

Update Notes:

  • Added Anniversary Gift Bag.
  • Added queue for getting into full servers and "Queue_Size" command. [Default 8]
  • Added config options for full moon/beacon XP multiplier.
  • Added config option for player armor multiplier and disabling fall damage.
  • Added destructible object examples.
  • Added graphics option for terrain heightblend.
  • Added Paintball Arena map.
  • Improved spy image to show in pause menu.
  • Improved Arena mode to work with barricades/structures.
  • Tweaked to...
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  • Added Paintball Gun. [ID 1337]
  • Added Paintball Hoppers. [IDs 1339-1344]
  • Added Farm Plot. [ID 1345]
  • Added Flashbang. [ID 1346]
  • Added Minnow, Goldfish and Bass. [IDs 1347-1352]
  • Added Stealy Wheely Automobiley. [ID 1353]
  • Added ability to lock vehicles and vehicle context menu.
  • Added casting strength to fishing which affects time to catch item.
  • Added "Spy" command to see from a player's perspective.
  • Added config option for spawned quality values and bullet rarity.
  • Added "critical" recipe ingredients to hide colored cloth buildables without flare.
  • Improved animal AI to form packs and work together.
  • Improved canteens to base stats on where the water came from rather than losing quality.
  • Improved sensitivity option to be unclamped.
  • Improved Gold skins to shine streaks occasionally.
  • Tweaked low caliber bullets to not damage...
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Yes - you can finally drive the tanks found around PEI and Washington! On PEI you can find a tank at Federation Bridge, or at the destroyed tunnels on Washington. If you manage to loot some tank shells you can use the tank's turret, but keep an eye out, as you're very exposed in the gunner's seat! Tank missiles are similar to rockets, but travel faster and drop less. The new turret system is also very generic for modders, so features like rear-facing guns on a biplane or missiles on an attack helicopter are possible.

Update Notes:

  • Added Tanks. [IDs 120-121]
  • Added Missile. [ID 1302]
  • Added Book/Note. [IDs 1327-1328]
  • Added Hatch. [IDs 1329-1332]
  • Added option for inbound voice volume gain.
  • Added icon when other player is talking.
  • Improved cloth buildables to be colorable with flares.
  • Improved shadow draw distance to make objects pop more, but character is wider.