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  • Added destruction to more objects and upgraded several existing ones.
  • Added new road system and associated editor tools.
  • Added new terrain material low/high quality editor tools.
  • Added noise option for terrain brushes.
  • Added dithered height transition option for material baking.
  • Added object scaling tool to editor.
  • Added controls for ascending/descending camera.
  • Added localization key for map names.
  • Improved editor materials, details, road, resources options display.
  • Improved object undo/redo to apply group changes and store more steps.
  • Improved terrain undo/redo to work with skybox and store more steps.
  • Tweaked material isGenerated option into 3 ignore options for more control.
  • Tweaked objects list to use new search system.
  • Tweaked viewmodel tilt to clamp angle when using high sensitivity.
  • Tweaked ranger grade weapon...
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Update Notes:

  • Added environmental destruction. [More info in full post!]
  • Added facepalm and rest gestures.
  • Added Gold server list. [More info in full post!]
  • Added separate column for map on server list.
  • Added per-map sun rays options.
  • Improved appearance of most impact/damage/breaking particle effects.
  • Improved tree/object/animal drops to use spawn tables.
  • Improved player/vehicle update grouping on server.
  • Improved performance of several object/buildable updates.
  • Tweaked viewmodel to tilt when spinning.
  • Tweaked raw/crushed/pie berry stats and toxic berries are now more useful than non-toxic.
  • Tweaked Shadowstalker to have more projectile/less explosive damage.
  • Fixed workshop/combat filters not working with cheats filter.
  • Fixed not updating vehicles on maps without vehicle spawns.
  • Fixed Alpha...
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Update Notes:

  • Added new completely overhauled spawn system! [Important info for modders in full post]
  • Added indictators when dying from food/water/infection/oxygen.
  • Added repair/salvage blueprints to many melee/clothing items.
  • Added option for hold/toggle leaning.
  • Added config option for skills/inventory lost on death.
  • Added objects for crops rather than terrain details.
  • Accepted 13 new Curated Workshop items.
  • Improved claim flag/safezone radiator to show claimed/safe areas.
  • Improved ammo crafting to use emptiest first.
  • Improved crafting menu to sort available blueprints to the top.
  • Improved spawns editor to allow renaming tables/tiers.
  • Improved syncing responsiveness in multiplayer. [Experimental]
  • Tweaked pumpjacks to be placeable on most ground materials.
  • Tweaked foliage to be turn offable now that crops are separate....
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Update Notes:

  • Added Water Tank. [ID 1228]
  • Added Fuel Tank. [ID 1229]
  • Added Hot Mystery Box with 4 new mythical effects.
  • Added 21 new playtime drop cosmetics.
  • Added 14 new playtime drop skin patterns.
  • Added context action for quickly stripping attachments.
  • Added context action for crafting bandages.
  • Added context action for converting plants into seeds.
  • Added context action for wearing clothing.
  • Added basic interactable object documentation.
  • Improved fuel/water cans to allow taking/removing from all sources.
  • Improved crafting to consume lowest quality supplies first.
  • Improved generator fuel update performance.
  • Improved object reset performance.
  • Tweaked Dragonfang and Nykorev ammo capacity higher.
  • Tweaked zombie range in multiplayer lower again temporarily.
  • Tweaked storage to show popup when busy with another...
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Update Notes:

  • Added Industrial Generator. [ID 1230]
  • Added Flags. [IDs 1231-1234]
  • Added Doubledoors. [IDs 1235-1238]
  • Added building interior culling. [More info in full post!]
  • Added outlines of powered areas when placing powered buildables.
  • Added per-map rain frequency/duration multipliers.
  • Added delay parameter to shutdown command and alert when nearing shutdown.
  • Added option to play warning timer sound before Arena start.
  • Added footstep option for road terrain material.
  • Added ResetConfig command to restore defaults for current mode.
  • Improved active zombie/animal update performance.
  • Improved prevention of near clipping plane through wall.
  • Improved lights to fade out over distance.
  • Improved server to apply new values to config file.
  • Improved gas/refill message to show alongside interactable info.
  • Improved backpack to not show through vehicle...